About our Courses

Whatever Off Highway Vehicle you have chosen, Dirt Bike, ATV or Side-by-Side our training is provided in 3 levels

  • Novice or Beginner: These classes are our most common and are designed to give participants the skill, knowledge, confidence and respect to handle their vehicle in entry level trail situations. By the end of these courses you will understand your vehicles control system and the skills of Starting Off, Stopping, Balancing, and Turning.
  • Intermediate: These Classes are designed for students wishing to go beyond entry level trail or property riding. You’ll learn skills that will enable you to take more challenging sections of the riding environment. Hill riding, Obstacles, and specialty environments like sand, water, rocks and tight woods are all on the menu.
  • Advanced: Our courses are designed specifically for riders with specific needs, many job related, for their vehicles. Racing or Farming, Search and Rescue or Forestry. If you have need for specialized knowledge in the use of OHV’s for mor advanced or commercial use, this would be the training for you. These courses are designed based on your requirements and are not in our advertised schedule of classes.

How to Prepare for our classes

No two students, in any of our courses, have ever been the same. That said, there is a list of things that seem to help everybody be more successful and have more fun:

  • Do a little research. The internet (YouTube in particular) is full of useful information on learning to ride whatever vehicle you’ve chosen. The manufacturers websites even have on-line training for free or a nominal fee. Checkout DirtBikeSchool.org, ATVsafety.org, and rohva.org. These sites are where the Original Equipment Manufacturers provide their invaluable training.
  • READ THE MANUAL: Our Classes are designed in four-hour sessions. As a new rider, you need to be familiar with the controls on your vehicle, and there will be a test. Well not a test so much, but in the very first session you will team up with another participant and teach them the controls on your vehicle. More riding and less talking if you know where the controls are when you get here. Parents: Please do this with your kids before you come. Even the young’uns should know what everything does on their vehicle. It’s a part of “Respecting” your ride.
  • Get a good night’s rest. Learning new physical skills takes lots of concentration and physical exertion. Be Prepared!
  • Bring lots to drink and snack on. Hot weather requires pre-hydration, which means starting to hydrate (drink a little extra fluid) the day before. In class the rule is “If you wait till your thirsty it’s too late”.
  • Plan to have some fun. Science tells us that having fun makes learning easier.