Dress for Success!

Riding or driving in the Off-Road environment can be exciting and challenging. We call it “Challenge by Choice”. You get to decide, what route you’ll take, how challenging it will be, and whether you are willing to accept the risk. One of the ways to meet the challenge is by dressing for success. Most folks think that riding gear is to protect you from injury during a crash, but that is its second most important function. First is your comfort. That’s right, if you are physically comfortable it allows your brain (that’s your number one piece of safety gear) to quickly make all the positive decision required for safely navigating the Off-Road world. Not only that, but it’s our first Rule. No one rides without the proper safety gear. And in many instances, ITS THE LAW. NO gear – No Riding.

  • DOT approved Helmet
  • Shatterproof eye protection (Sunglasses don’t cut it)
  • Long study pants (No tights)
  • Long sleeved shirt or Jacket
  • Over the ankle sturdy boots or shoes (f you were thinking high top sneakers, think again)
  • Full fingered gloves (hopefully flexible since you’ll be running your controls)

While real off-road gear makes you look the part, and is much more off-road functional than what’s in your closet, it’s not a requirement. If your kit matches the gear list above, you’re good to go. Call or e-mail us if you have any questions about it. Once again, without the proper gear we can’t let you ride. *Once upon a time, we kept spare gear around in case someone forgot something, but the regulations around Covid were the end of “Loaner” riding gear. Please come prepared! No Gear – No Riding