The Gift or Training

So why the gift of Training?

There are four elemental area’s of leaning that should all be built into any riding or driving training session.

  • Knowledge: the theoretical or practical understanding of the vehicle that you are learning to ride or drive.
  • Skill: command of the physical skills required to competently manage the vehicle you are riding or driving in the safest possible manner.
  • Confidence: the feeling, belief, or trust that you can manage the challenges of the course or route you have taken.
  • Respect: an understanding that at any given moment there is so much more than just you and your vehicle. The environment you are riding through, the people you are with and around and the creatures that share your environment all require your constant consideration.

That is the foundation of the RideOn Trails Training system. A gift that is guaranteed to never rust, must, gather dust, slip slide wrinkle, or corrode.